Pre-shipment Inspection of Used Machines

Pre-shipment Inspection of Used Mechanical and Electrical Products
On-line Application Procedure
Notice for application

Notice for application

All applications for used machine inspections submitted to CCIC London deemed automatic acceptance of the following inspection service terms and conditions:
1. The application form must be filled in English and BLOCK CAPITALS. All the fields shall be filled, except the CCIC Inspection Number. Any unclear, incomplete or signature-missing application form will not be accepted by CCIC London. Incorrect documents could cause delay or cancellation of inspection. The applicants take full responsibility for all consequences.
2. According to the relative regulations of the People’s Republic of China, CCIC London, a designated institution, will carry out the compulsory pre-shipment inspection concerning the security and environmental protection items. After arriving at the Chinese port, the local CIQ agency will carry out the final inspection, and this result will be considered as the final result.
3. In the case of incorrect, omitted or false documents provided by applicants, CCIC London reserves the right to refuse the application, the inspection or the issuance of the inspection report and certificate.
4. Once the inspection date is confirmed, the applicants shall prepare for the necessary conditions to assure the inspection.
5. In any case, if there is evidence that the loss is caused by CCIC London or the fault of inspector’s, the compensation cannot exceed five times of the inspection fee. Any compensation should obey the UK courts’ judgements.