Regulations & Standards

CCC Mark for Ex-products in China

Products that are used in explosion-protected atmospheres or hazardous locations (and they are often referred to as “Ex-products”) will require CCC mark to enter China market as of 1 October 2020.

The regulation is being implemented from 1 October 2019 with a one-year transition period, which means CCC Ex-product certificates can be issued by authorised certification bodies starting from 1 October 2019.

The new regulation requires all Ex-products sold in China to be CCC-certified, irrespective of where the products are manufactured.

Imported Ex-products are to be inspected by Chinese customs authorities for CCC compliance and labelling.  Goods can be detained at the time of import in the event of non-compliance.

As such, manufacturers for Ex-products are highly recommended to apply for CCC certification as soon as possible to ensure that their products are successfully and promptly certified to enter the Chinese market.

The CCC certification process involves three steps:

    Step 1. Product Type Testing at accredited laboratories;

    Step 2. Factory inspection by CCC inspectors appointed by the certification body; and

    Step 3. Post-certification assessment. CCC certificate is valid for up to five years.


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