LME and Metals Services

CCIC London Company Limited is a third-party independent testing organisation approved by the London Metal Exchange (LME) as its Listed Sampler and Assayer (LSA). We can take samples globally based on clients’ requests and perform chemical analysis. The results can be used as an important basis for brand registration and goods delivery while entering the LME data centre.


Our company is based in London and has a good geographical advantage. The service scope covers the European metal producers and traders' headquarters and directly connects with LME. From an LME perspective, the approved organisation plays an important role before and after brands are listed. We are required to sample and evaluate the chemical quality of metals, which are subject to assessment, before a brand is approved. We will issue certificates of analysis basis agreed sampling procedures for metals to be placed on LME warrant where original producer documentation may not be available.


Metals Services include:

  • Cargo weight check

  • Supervisory loading and unloading

  • Photo recording throughout the whole process

  • Sample preparation

  • Cargo seal

  • Quality analysis

  • Arbitration analysis

  • LME brand registration site witness

  • Sampling and analysis of metals in accordance with LME instruction, such metals category includes: Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Tin, Aluminium, NASAAC, Cobalt, Aluminium Alloy Molybdenum, Steel billet