Pre-shipment Inspection of Solid Scrap Material Usable as Raw Materials

CCIC London has been performing pre-shipment inspections for scrap materials usable as raw materials shipped to China after assessments and accreditation by the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC). Currently the company covers inspections for scrap materials originated in the UK. Inspection certificates issued by CCIC London could be used for the purpose of customs clearances. In the meantime, consultation services are also available with respect to relevant laws and regulations.


Pre-shipment inspection of scrap materials exported to China is performed in line with relevant Chinese laws and regulations and Basel Convention, with a view to keeping hazardous materials and environmentally unfit scrap materials out of China. The inspection covers tests of compliance with the Chinese Environmental Control Standard (GB16487.2~4-2017, GB16487.6~13-2017) as well as the preliminary test of compliance of scrap category with relevant regulations of China Customs.